7 Great Ways to use magnatiles

In our house magnatiles get played with daily. Literally, over and over. For us it was important to get a good quality product as we have little children and there are magnets included in the product, we believe with this product you truly get what you pay for!

They are honestly such an amazing product and in my opinion a must own toy for kids as they as so easy to build with and can be so versatile! We have only recently received our Magnatiles from http://kidzinc.com.au/ But here is just a few ways we have found you can use them:




Building Structures:
One of Mr 4 and Miss almost 2’s favourite things to do with our magnatiles is to build structures. The magnatiles are so versatile in this way as there are so many way’s the child can build structures using the several different shapes.




Light Table Play:

We love playing with our magnatiles on our light table, along with some other several loose parts. Light table play is so versatile and is completely child led.

Forming Shapes and patterns:


This activity was a huge hit with both children, I simply drew a few shapes and patterns and then both children worked together to try find the shapes that would fit. This is a great activity to also work on shape recognition.


3D Shapes:
Preschool is a great time to begin introducing 3 dimensional shapes once your child has masted 2 dimensional shapes. We have slowly begun this process with a few simple ones that were easy to create, again this would be a great activity for the light table.



Creating Letters:

We are just beginning to explore letters as E hasn’t been too interested previously. But magnatiles along with a printable pattern would be a great place to begin if they enjoy magnatile play and a hands on approach.
I have attached a ling to a blog post that was our inspiration for this: http://www.adventure-in-a-box.com/magna-tiles-alphabet-printable-cards/





Sorting Colours:

We love using our coloured magnatiles to sort all the different colours. This is a great activity for colour recognition.







Counting & Number recognition:
We have included our magnatiles into our numeracy work as again they are so versatile and if your child is hands on as mine is they work great!





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